2013 Raffle Ticket Race!!!

It’s time to get your raffle tickets back to the post box in the foyer!  Only pre-sales will count towards the bounty competition because we just won’t be able to tally any sales during the fayre.  If you have children in more than one class and want to support them all, just make a note on the front of the envelope and we can allocate your sales as you wish.

960 tickets have been printed so far and there are just 10 not yet allocated, so if you have some which you know you aren’t going to sell, please send them back and save us some printing.

As of 9am on Wednesday 27th November, Reception and Year 5 are still topping the sales charts, but there are plenty of books still out there.  Mums and Dads, you can help – if you have friends and relatives who are coming to the fayre anyway, why not ask if they’ll buy their tickets through your child?  And has anyone thought to badger the staff yet???

Our class co-ordinators turn out some stunning hampers and they really are worth a ticket or two.

Thank you!!!131127 raffle ticket sales