Have your say in how the PTA allocates funds

With your support the PTA raise around £8000 each year for the development of Ley Hill School. This funding puts us in the very fortunate position of being able to choose new facilities and equipment for the school as well as to help the school to fund capital and revenue projects.
We would like your help as parents/ teachers/ governors to prioritise the spending of the next batch of PTA funds. The school and the committee have proposed the following list. There is also a space for new ideas to be submitted. Please rank the projects in order of importance.

  • Sports Pavilion: A small wooden pavilion is proposed for the sports field to act as a changing facility for after school sports and for competitive matches against other schools. This building could also act as a serving area for food/drink at outdoor events such as sports day
  • Kitchen – refurbishment of the kitchen and the purchase of utensils and cooking facilities: The school has a small kitchen adjacent to the technology room which is used to teach the children the basics of cookery and is used to cook and prepare food for school events. All of the children use the kitchen from Nursery to Year 6 to make a variety of creations from bread, pizza and cookies to pasta dishes. The kitchen has a very small cooker and limited storage capacity. It is also in need of new utensils, plates and dishes.
  • Curtains for the main hall: The curtains in the main hall are very old and are no longer fit for purpose.
  • Banqueting Tables: The PTA has around 15 long trestle tables which are used for events and fayres. These tables are sometimes too large to use at ‘special events’ such as Summer Ball and evening entertainment. Tables have been hired in the past to support these events. It is proposed that we purchase around 10 banqueting tables. These tables could be hired out to other schools/halls in the area or could be hired out with the school hall to generate income for the school.
  • Books/Library: Contribution towards new books for the library and reading schemes.
  • Other: You can enter brief details of your funding idea within the survey.