Disco Planner – 25/05/12

PTA Disco Rota

Disco Champion – Heather Smith(heather_dolder@lineone.net)

Time Duty No. staff Volunteer name
Bring in 5 tables from the shed 1
Disco 4:30-6:15pm Nursery & Reception Assemble tables & run front of house 2
Assemble tables & supervise within the hall 2
Named First Aider
Toilets 1
2nd Disco:
Y1, 2 & 3
Front of house 2
Hall 2
Named First Aider
Toilets 1
3rd Disco
Y4, 5 & 6
Front of house & clear away 2
Supervise within hall & clear away 2
Named First Aider
Toilets 1
8:45-9:00pm Lock up 1

Mr Hoff: Confirm that the school will be open at 4:30. Provide access to the school first aid kit.

Front of house: Take money, take contact details for all children, provide drinks.

Hall: Riot control.

Toilets: Sit in the corridor and ensure children don’t run. Listen out for them messing about in the toilets. Be prepared to help younger children if they need it. This person must be CRB checked through the school, or easily verifiable, such as a currently registered childminder or licenced chaperone.

First Aider: One named first aider should be on site at all times. This was a dedicated post but we ended up over staffed. With a seperate ‘toilet monitor’ it should be possible to cover if the first aider is called away to deal with a casualty.

The finish times are a guideline only and you will most likely be able to leave almost as soon as your relief arrives.

If any of the positions are still unfilled by 3:30 on the Wednesday before the disco, we will be forced to cancel the event.