Christmas Fayre Planner 2010

Christmas Fayre 2010

Sunday 5th December, 12-3pm

Hamper colours for each year:

Class Colours
Reception  Red & Green
Year 1  Red & Silver
Year 2  Purple & Silver
Year 3  Red & White
Year 4  Green & Purple
Year 5  Blue & Silver
Year 6  Silver & White
Nursery  Gold

Action:  Emma to order the drinks license.

Action:  Sally to organise a new banner (get summer one at the same time).

Action:  All to look into gifts for the Secret Room, the Grotto and Christmas parties.  Katie is a good person for ideas in this field.

Action:  Nigel to arrange for some carol singers on the day.

Other ideas to be considered for this or future events:

  • Clockwork train – prize for guessing where it stops


Stall Name Lead Yr Number / Names of Helpers Price Comments
Entrance Angela plus one N/A 50p
  • Take Entrance Fee
  • Sell tickets for Secret Rm (£n)
  • Sell Raffle tickets


Mulled Wine Violetta N/A £1 a glass
Wheel of Fortune & Balloon Pop Heather N 2 people per hour Var.
Toy Stall RachelP R 2 people per hour Var.
Toy Tombola & Find a Friend 1 2 people per hour 50p
  • Guaranteed win
Sweets, Fruit & Childrens drinks Tombola 1 2 people per hour 4 for £1
  • Request sweets, fruit, raisins & kids drink donations
  • ?? to source approx 200 cups
  • ?? to arrange stickers for plates & cups
Secret Room Need: sellotape, gift labels.  Got: wrapping paper (cut into pieces), decors & lights 2 2 people per hour (one must be CRB’d) £1.50
  • To be wrapped by children on the day

Action:  Sally to check quantities of tinned sweets and purchase now.

Book Stall 3 2 people per hour Var.
  • Books, videos, DVDs, Games.
Lucky Dip 3  Action:  Emma to ask AW
Games Room 4 Dependent on number of games  School Wii in the music room
Need leader board with times
Santa’s Grotto Niki to co-ordinate initial set up and packing away? 5 2 people per hour £1.50
  • Action AW to check if our Santa is free.
  • Action:  Sally to check with NB
Cafe Sally & Katie 6 Year 6 to help Var.
  • Need to set a menu
  • Ask for donations
Raffle Hamper Class Co-ordinators (CC) N/A 50p a ticket
  • CC to collate hampers
  • Prize for best
  • Need ?? more books of tickets
Cake Stall Sam Guerin & Antonia Baker both confirmed N/A Var.
  • Plates have been sent out
Face Painting N/A Dulcie plus one & Alex Coombes
Lucky bucket Year 6 children N/A  
Bottle stall Staff N/A  Mufti day on Friday 19/11

 External Stalls – Agreed to charge £15 per 6ft frontage.


Phoenix Cards Samantha Wiseman  Confirmed
Candles Corinne P-R  Confirmed
Silver Jewellery & Engraved Tags Julie Thomas  Confirmed
Sue Crystals Alex Kendall  Confirmed
Aloe Vera Sally Kendall  Confirmed
Second Hand Uniform
Grotto Photos Emma McLean  Confirmed
Pocket Money Toys Susan Tulloch  Confirmed
Pampered Chef Katie Batchelor  Confirmed
Handmade jewellery Gaynor Fulton-Willis  Confirmed
Usborne Books Emily Tomson  Confirmed
Heartfelt Marie Kitchen  Confirmed
Unique Charm Dulcie Mclerie  Confirmed
Handicrafts Debbie Johnson & JayneP
Children’s Backpacks & Lunchboxes Lynne Jones  Confirmed
Utility Warehouse Barbara Hoffmann  Confirmed (no fee)
The Pumpkin Plot Alison Greenhalgh  Display only, 15% commission