Christmas Fayre Planner 2011

Christmas Fayre 2011

Sunday 20th November, 12-3pm

Hamper colours for each year:

Class Colours
Reception Orange & Green
Year 1 Red & Green
Year 2 Red & Silver
Year 3 Purple
Year 4 Blue & Silver
Year 5 Gold
Year 6 Silver & Green
Nursery Red & White

Claire has ordered the drinks license.

Heather has printed off drink tokens for people helping on stalls. They will put into the cash bags.

Step To It will provide two carolling sessions, plus a street dance workshop.

Hampers to be displayed around the site until the final draw takes place, when they’ll be returned to the foyer.


Stall Name Lead Yr Number / Names of Helpers Price Comments
Entrance  Angela plus one N/A £1
  • Take Entrance Fee
  • Sell tickets for Secret Rm (£n)
  • Sell Raffle tickets
  • Guess the weight of the cake (inc)
Mulled Wine  Mandy N/A £1.50
Reindeer Food  Eco Club  20p  Float required please
Book Stall Honesty box
Secondhand uniform Honesty box
Toy Stall N  Var.
Secret Room Need: sellotape, gift labels. Got: wrapping paper (cut into pieces), decors & lights R 2 people per hour (one must be CRB’d) £2.00
  • To be wrapped by children on the day
Lucky Cracker Dip 1  50p
Pocket Money Toys 1  £1 or 50p
Lucky Dip 2  20p
Money Tree 2  20p
Sweets, Fruit & Childrens drinks Tombola 3 2 people per hour  5 for £1
  • Request sweets, fruit, raisins & kids drink donations
  • ?? to source approx 200 cups
  • ?? to arrange stickers for plates & cups
Fruit machine 3 4 people per hour 20p or 3 for 50p
  • Books, videos, DVDs, Games.
Wheel of Fortune 4 2 people per hour 20p or 3 for 50p
Treasure hunt 3D map 4  50p  Moshie Monster and collectors cards
Santa’s Grotto with Tattoos Niki to co-ordinate initial set up and packing away? 5 2 people per hour  £2.00
  • Santa is free.
  • Action: Angela Harding to check with NB
Cafe 6 Kids to wait tables  £2/£1.50 for pasta, drinks £1
  • Pasta Pronto
  • Tea/coffee/hot choc/cold drinks
Jams & Chutneys,
Tea towels, recipe books
Sophie Newman  £2
Raffle Hamper Class Co-ordinators (CC) N/A  £1 a strip
  • CC to collate hampers
  • Prize for best
  • Need ?? more books of tickets
Cake Stall Sam Guerin & Antonia Baker both confirmed N/A Var.
  • Plates to be sent out
  • Donations on the day or in labelled airtight containers
Face Painting N/A  £1.50  Dulcie & Wendy
Lucky bucket Year 6 children N/A  £1
Bottle stall Staff N/A  5 for £1  Mufti day on Friday 21/10

External Stalls – Agreed to charge £15 per 6ft frontage.

 Jamie Oliver  Mandy Francis  Booked
 Candles & Felt Craft  Corinne P-R  Verbal confirmation
 Silver Jewellery & Engraved Tags  Julie Thomas  Booked
 Sue Crystals  Sue Watkins  Booked
 Handmade Toiletries  Sue McLean  Booked
 The Spotty Strawberry  Jo Atkins  Via ClaireO
 Grotto Photos  Emma McLean  Use sledge from PTA shed
 Florist – Table Decs  Via Sophie
 Books  Tony  Via ClaireO
 Heartfelt  Marie Kitchen
 Unique Charm  Dulcie Mclerie
 Fashions  Sue Hulbert
 Cherish Chocolates  Souma Dinesh  Booked
 Phoenix Cards  Liz Jones  Booked
 Terri’s Jewellery (bags & scarves)  Terri Spencer  Booked
 Girl Guides  Mrs Burbridge
 Pierre Cochon T-Shirts  Booked
 Neals Yard  Katherine
 Childrens Crafts