Easter Disco Rota – 26/03/10

Parents Association Disco Rota



No. staff

Volunteer name

Between 3:00 & 4:15pm Bring in 11 tables from the shed


Sally Kendall
1st Disco
Nursery & Reception
Assemble tables & run front of house


Sarah Friederici 
 Amanda Dickinson
Assemble tables & supervise within the hall


Rachel Cummings 
 Claire Frowde
First Aider (5-6pm)


Lesley Tinine 


 Helen Frankham
2nd Disco:
Y1, 2 & 3
Front of house


Rachel  Pearce
Niki Bell 


Jane Redford
Catherine Hurst
First Aider (6:15-7:15pm)


Rachel Pearce 


Rachel Redlich
3rd Disco
Y4, 5 & 6
Front of house & clear away


Simon Redlich 
Supervise within hall & clear away


 Liane Wade 
 Nikki Burr
First Aider (7:30-8:30pm)


Angela Williams 


 Jayne Pyper
8:45-9:00pm Lock up


 Emma Summers

Mr Hoff:  Arrange with afterschool club to move from the dining hall by 4:30.  Confirm that the school will be open at 4:30.  Provide access to the school first aid kit.

 Front of house:  Take money, take contact details for all children, provide drinks.  You will probably need n jugs of squash for a session.

 Hall:  Riot control.

 Toilets:  Sit in the corridor and ensure children don’t run.  Listen out for them messing about in the toilets.  Be prepared to help younger children if they need it.  This person needs to have a current CRB check through the school.

 First Aider:  The only duplication possible here is with the front of house post which can just about be managed by one person if the first aider is called away.

 The finish times are a guideline only and you will most likely be able to leave almost as soon as your relief arrives.

 If any of the positions are still unfilled by 3:30 on the Wednesday before the disco, we will be forced to cancel the event.

22 thoughts on “Easter Disco Rota – 26/03/10”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I’m happy to cover the first and last disco as I have children attending both of these. I’m a paediatric first aider so am happy to fill this role and over front of house if/as requred.


  2. Hi Sally,
    please put me down to help at the disco for the 2nd disco 6 – 7.30 not on the toilets thought thanks !!

  3. Hi Sally,

    Website is fantastic, clear and very professional looking, one small thing spotted, flyers needs amending on front page! spelt wrong!!!!

    Disco – unfortunately we are away that week otherwise you can normally rely on me at each one.

  4. Hi Sally

    I’m able to help at the second disco (6pm- 7.30pm). Simon will possibly be able to help at the last disco, but will have to confirm that with him.


  5. Hi happy to help presenting the disco ie talking on the microhone and getting the children dancing. I presume all the equipment will be there including microphone? My husband Peter if free will also help with the dj bit. Happy to do all 3 if no one else wants to do any of them, otherwise just say when we are needed.

  6. Hello,
    I can help out front of house at Disco 1, but only if I can bring along a Yr.2 and a Yr. 4 child. Let me know if this is a help or a hindrance!

  7. Hi Sally,

    Feb website! So sorry I can’t help at this one, my brother is getting married up north (how inconsiderate of him)!!

  8. Hi

    I am happy to help with assembling tables and supervising within the hall for the first disco (nursery and reception). Both of my kids will be there too, but should be too busy dancing to notice me!


  9. Hi Sally,

    Website looks great!

    I can help out at the Nursery/Reception disco.


  10. Hi Sally,
    Impressive website.
    Just got couple of questions re.disco 1.
    Do voulunteers for ‘Assemble tables & run front of house’ and ‘Assemble tables & supervise within the hall’ have to be there from 430pm? If it is easier, can they come in just before 5 for start of disco and someone else help you set up tables at 430pm?

    I am happy to help on ‘Toilet’and ‘front of house duty’and hold current CRB. Will have to bring my children with, who no longer attend the school, won’t want to disco, but will be happy to help me! or can come for set up with them in tow, if they are not able to attend or help whilst Disco is on?

  11. I agree that it won’t take us half an hour, but we do need some bits ready at 4:30 for the sound team to start setting up. If anyone would volunteer but can’t make the 4:30 start time, please say.

    Hope this helps!


  12. I can help either front of house or toilets for the 3rd Disco as I have a current CRB check. Let me know.


    Jayne Pyper

    792842 or 07951064374

  13. what a great new website, I would love to help at the 2nd Disco and happy to muck in where ever you need me.

    just let me know

    Karen (Archies Mum)

  14. Hello, if you’re still struggling finding volunteers for Disco 3, I can help out front of house. Let me know if you need me.
    Sarah F.

  15. Hi

    I am able to help out with the 1st Disco, assembling tables and supervising in the hall, although I am unable to make it until 5pm. Hope this is ok? I will however try and get there earlier if I can.

    Claire Frowde

  16. Hi Sally

    I can help during the 3rd disco – preferably supervising the kids in the hall


  17. Hi Sally,

    I am happy to help front of house at the last disco. Could also be first aider if required.(Nurse, but no first aid certficate).

    Many thanks

  18. Hi Sally,
    I’ll be able to help at the 1st and last disco (preferably at the entrance). I’m CRBed by the school.

  19. Hi Sally

    I can help at the year 1, 2, 3 disco. Let me know if you want me. I don’t mind what I do but I have a current CRB check through the school and I am a qualified 1st aider,

    Sue Dyer

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