February 2010 Committee Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Committee Meeting

24th February 2010

 Present:  Emma Summers, Simon Redlich, Amanda Dickinson, Sally Kendall, Dulcie Mclerie, Teresa Shaw, Violetta Carrasco, Heather Dolder, Celine Studer.

Apologies:  Amanda Byer, Katie Batchelor, Natalie Lohneis.

Key Fund Raising Dates

The following dates were agreed or reconfirmed for the key events for 2010:

Spring Term

 Quiz Night                               Saturday 13th March

Summer Term

Easter Fayre                            Wednesday 31st March (or 24th if necessary)

Summer Fayre                         Saturday 26th June

New ideas for discussion
Table top sale Treasure hunt in cars Auction of promises
Ready Steady Cook Boating/canoeing Greek night
Parents vs. Staff sports Car boot sale 50/50 auction

 Hundred Club

Possible to promote and manage through the website?  £1 per go for a prize or percentage of takings.

Piano Concert

One of the Nursery parents is an accomplished pianist and plays all over the world.  He has offered to put on a public concert to raise funds for the school.  The immediate issue is the choice of venue.

Film Club

Filmbank offers special licensed packages to allow the screening of pre-release films for profit.  There is a refundable deposit and a fee of £79 or 35% of box office each time.  Action: Dulcie to look at costings, timings and catering.  The 5th and the 12th May have been suggested as suitable dates, Action: Rosie to check hall availability.

Academic Calendar

It’s time to start drawing together potential advertisers and formats for this year’s calendar.  One suggestion was to host the calendar on the website for people to download and print, but in a monthly format so the calendar area can be larger and be written on.  Action:  Sally to progress.

2010 Sausage Sizzles Action: Teresa to agree dates with school and Swan.  This half term’s event was held on this day, 24th Feb and was well attended.

29/01/10 Bingo Night – Postponed due to lack of interest.

13/03/10 Quiz NightAction:  Sally to ask for budding QMs on a future flyer.  Action:  Emma/Amanda to check with Ian/Sue whether he would be willing to do the food.  Action:  Emma to speak to Nigel about co-ordinating the teachers’ table.  Agreed to charge £8.50 again.  Action:  Sally to p’copy flyer.

26/03/10 Easter Disco – In conjunction with Anne Lee, a new structure for the disco has been drawn up.  There is a plan to create a disco team so that the load is shared and any issues can be dealt with.  All the information is being published on the PTA website to get maximum input from the parents.

31/03/10 Easter Fayre – Change of format to Plant-a-Stick during lunchtime on 1st April.  £1 per go and the Easter bunny will pick the winning stick.  Single prize of a large Easter egg.  Violetta will think about an alternative for Nursery, possibly on the 31st during the trip to Odds Farm.

26/06/10 Summer Fayre – Natalie has booked the bouncy castle/slide. Action: Natalie to write begging letters for raffle prizes and/or sponsorship (speak to Katie re list of possible places to try).  There is a starter list in the PTA folder from Niki Bell (currently held by Sally).  Action: Sally to get in touch with outside traders.

25/09/10 Ceilidh/Family BBQ – We held a very popular BBQ on this weekend last year, so we will try for a longer event with a bar and a band this year.  Ashley Green Hall has been suggested as a venue and KatieB may be able to get us a preferential rate.  Reserve date 2/10/10.

Buy.at –  Action:  Sally to promote.  We raised £17.06 on 9 sales during December.

New ideas to be carried forward

 Green Issues.  As the new texting service has been such a success, the promotion of eco-friendly/electronic delivery systems will be progressed.  Ideas like the PTA website will aid this.

Rotary Club Christmas Fundraiser.  There was a request for input from any Rotary Club members in the last newsletter, but we haven’t had any response.

Song books.  There is scope to produce songbooks for resale.  Our current licence allows for song books for keepsakes/home worship for 25% of the congregation per year although there are guidelines on pricing.  We need to establish demand before we put the work into this project

PA Box for Nursery – A box has been sourced and the task of hanging it is with Mr Putt.  Action: Sally to ask Nigel to see this through to completion.  Teresa has bought 8 boxes to aid in sorting out the cupboard and shed.  A clearout date should be set at the next meeting.

Outside lighting for chairs & tables shed – Lighting is in place apparently but doesn’t work.

Fashion Show – Possible revisit in October 2010.  Action: Sally to check with the local authority about the need for licensed chaperones.

School Library – The school has replaced a lot of the library books recently but there are concerns that these are not as accessible as they could be, due to the lack of a librarian.  Action:  Rosie to talk to the rest of the staff about possible roles for parent helpers in school and maybe we can run a recruitment drive alongside the PTA initiative.

The next meeting is Wednesday 21st April in The Swan, at 8pm