Film Club – 17th November

Ley Hill PTA are proud to announce that it will be screening

Cats & Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore (U)

on Wednesday, 17th November straight after school.

About the film : In the age-old battle between cats and dogs, one crazed feline has taken things a paw too far. Kitty Galore, formerly an agent for cat spy organisation MEOWS, has gone rogue and hatched a diabolical plan to not only bring her canine enemies to heel, but take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Faced with this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs will be forced to join forces for the first time in history in an unlikely alliance to save themselves and their humans.

This event is strictly tickets only, sold in advance, at £4.50 per child. A meal is included in the ticket price (a frankfurter sausage served in a bun with optional ketchup/French mustard, popcorn, juice and an ice-cream). An extra frankfurter can be added for 50p. Please complete the form below, and return via the PTA Box, for each child attending. Film Club will finish at 6pm.

Forms must be submitted, with payment, by Friday 12 November

You can download the printable version with reply slip by following this link …>>