Guilt free me time…

Guilt free me time....

Find yourself juggling 101 things at the same time? With family, work and other commitments all competing for time, being a Mum often means that ‘Me Time’ doesn’t get a look in.

It’s so easy to forget to set aside a little time just for you, but this January we’ve got a way for you to get a bit of time to yourself, and keep that New Year’s Resolution at the same time.

Back to Netball sessions and Beginners Running courses are taking place across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes (insert locality if specialising) at times and venues to suit you; like straight after the school run, so it’s easy to fit into your routine. With a weekly session to attend where you know you’ll see friendly faces and have lots of fun, there’s no reason not to dedicate an hour a week to yourself.

Hundreds of women have already joined their local session and love the way it makes them feel, Alison, 32 from Aylesbury, says, “Last New Year I swapped my fad diet and found my way Back to Netball instead. It’s me time and it’s far more fun than when we were at school!”

And for anyone who would like to do a charity race but thinks that they can’t run, there are lots of women who can prove you wrong. Our beginners Running courses will ease you in gradually, starting at walking pace, so you’ll soon be hooked and feeling energised, just like Karen, 41, from South Bucks. “Completing the 10 week beginners running course has shown me that running can be safe and fun. The group keep me motivated to come back each week and that means my occasional slice of cake is guilt free!”

So whether you go on your own, or drag along some friends, attend one of our beginners sessions this New Year, and make this resolution one you’ll keep.

For more information contact Reactivate Bucks on 01296 585215 or visit: