January 2011 Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Committee Meeting

10th January 2011

 Present: Emma Summers, Simon Redlich, Sophie Newman, Claire Matyus-Flynn, Claire Offlow, Dulcie Mclerie, Sally Kendall

Apologies: Rosie Mann, Heather Smith

Key Fund Raising Dates

The following dates were agreed or reconfirmed for the key events for 2011:

Spring Term

Thursday 27th January – Pampered Chef Pizza Party – Post-meeting update:  CANCELLED

Wednesday 9th February – Sausage Sizzle

Saturday 19th March – Quiz Night

Friday 8th April – Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 21st May – May Ball

May – Scavenger Hunt

Other ideas for discussion
Table top sale/car boot Firework display Auction of promises
Ready Steady Cook Boating/canoeing Greek night
Parents vs. Staff sports Masked ball Christmas tree sales

Cocktail Party
This was hugely popular and very well attended and made approximately £1,100.

Christmas Fayre
The profit from this event fell just short of £2,000.  There was some confusion over the allocation of the hampers and this needs to be rethought before the next event.  It has been suggested that we ask for only homemade contributions to the cake stall and possibly promote it directly to the children, as is done with the charity cake sales.  The grotto sold out and our stand-in Santa did especially well with reducing the waiting time.

The teatowels have made a £230 profit margin to date and we have 75 still in stock.  These can be promoted in newsletters and at fayres.

Cookery Book
Profit margin to date is £120 and there are still some unsold copies.  Post-meeting update:  profit margin now stands at around £400 and there are 40 copies still in hand.

Nursery bags
At Mrs Hillson’s request, Dulcie has sourced some canvas bags for Nursery with the new logo on them. They are available through the office for £2.50 each.

PE bags for the rest of school have been suggested.  Action:  Claire O to check suppliers and prices with Newtown as they seem to have found a company cheaper than ours.

Hundred Club
Possible to promote and manage through the website. £1 per go for a prize or percentage of takings. Simon has checked our lotteries licence and this (and lucky bucket) is covered.

Supermarket Vouchers
Action:  Sally & Heather to plagiarise the Chesham Grammar website for promotional ideas.  Also, DCHS run a prize draw each Christmas for £100 vouchers and this is a good idea.  Could maybe allocate entries according to monthly subscriptions as at end September.  eg.  one entry per £50 monthly spend?

Film Club
The next Film Club is likely to be in the Summer term.  Lessons to be learned from previous event include tighter management of the children, possibly calling on Year 6s, who are already used to helping with wet play supervision.  Nigel is keen to see future dates and has offered to stay and help for at least part of the evening.  Action:  Dulcie to source a dedicated DVD player which will also be used to test the film prior to the event.

Academic Calendar
To move to ParentADS via the website. £30 fee per annum, or to be offered free as an incentive to suppliers.

Claire Matyus-Flynn and Sophie Newman will be making jams and pickles for sale  through school.  Mrs Mann is growing some fruit and there are trees in the discovery garden which can be used for such initiatives.  It may be worth advertising locally for any surplus from local residents – eg.  yourChesham or the Ley Hill and Botley News & Views.


14/01/11 Bag2School Collection – 2nd collection of clothes, textiles, shoes, handbags and soft toys.  1st collection raised £352.  Action: Sally to investigate ink cartridges and mobile phones.  Also battery recycling.

9/02/11 Sausage SizzleAction:  Claire M-F to organise.  Flyers to include a space for contact numbers and an explanation of the importance of meeting the deadline for ordering.

19/03/11 Quiz Night – Martin Cartledge (via Mel Parker) to act as QM.  Action:  Claire M-F to look at catering options.  Entry remains at £8.50 per head to include hot food and bring your own drinks.

1/04/11 School Disco – Anne Lee has agreed to run another disco for us.  Action:  Sally to check with the sound team to see if anyone is free.  A tuck shop has been suggested.

8/04/11 Easter Egg Hunt – It has been suggested that we ask a Year 6 child to be the bunny for us.  Action:  Dulcie to put together a plan for Nursery.  Action:  Sally to check with Sarah Wilkinson about what worked well or needs changing to make things easier.  Action:  Claire O to shop for prizes.  Suggested budget is £3 for one-per-class prizes and 25p for a gift for each entrant.  Entry fee remains at £1.

May 2011 Scavenger Hunt in CarsAction: Dulcie has started the planning process in collaboration with Chesham museum.  There are suggestions for a week long event, culminating in a morning session finishing at the Elgiva.

21/05/11 May BallAction:  Sophie  to progress.

June 2010 Golf Day – To be promoted through the school but run by the golf club as a fundraiser for the school. Action: Jo Jennings to co-ordinate.

2/07/11 Sumer Fayre

Buy.atAction: Sally to promote. We raised £23.83 during 2010.

Gift Wrap Sales – Katie reports 24 orders which amounts to £82 for the PTA!

New ideas to be carried forward

Website.  Heather discussed the possibility of setting up a community website to help fundraise for the PTA.  Concerns were raised whether this may clash with existing websites.  To investigate further.

Noticeboard for main school.  The Nursery noticeboard has been a great success and one by the wall for main school would be much appreciated. Action: Nigel to consider/cost.

Bulk purchase of theatre tickets for group trips?  Action: Claire M-F to investigate.

Christmas tree sales.  Action:  Heather to investigate.

Sell photos from school trips. Dulcie to investigate.

Wedding card competition.  Run a competition amongst the children to design a card for the royal wedding on 28th April.  Possible record attempt if we replicate the winning design in a huge format?  Action:  Dulcie to investigate the possibility of having Rolf Harris judge the competition.

Leaver’s mug.  Action:  Sally to look into a leaver’s mug for year 6.

Bunting.  Needs further promotion.

Yellow Moon.  We have signed up as a beneficiary again but it relies on people using the service AND quoting the source code of SLE1074 when ordering.  A cheque from the December orders should be due in January.

There is a possibility that the PTA shed will move in time to come. The current parking bay for the minibus looks like a suitable location.

Expenditure.  The PTA have agreed to give the school £14,000 over two years and the first payment has been made.  The PTA accounts presently hold around £10,000.  Members of the PTA have proposed capex on curtains for the main hall and a refurbishment of the kitchen to better support events.  Additional proposals are welcomed.

The next meeting is on Monday 7th February in The Crown, at 8pm