July 2010 Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Committee Meeting

14th July 2010

 Present: Emma Summers, Simon Redlich,  Dulcie Mclerie, Katie Batchelor, Natalie Lohneis, Nigel Hoff, Heather Smith, Claire Offlow, Sally Kendall

Apologies:  Amanda Dickinson, Violetta Carrasco

Key Fund Raising Dates

The following dates were agreed or reconfirmed for the key events for 2010:

Summer Term

Sports Day Thursday 15th July

Summer Disco Friday 16th July

Sausage Sizzle Tuesday 20th July

Autumn Term

Family BBQ Saturday 25th September (2nd October in reserve)

Christmas Cocktail Event – Friday/Saturday 19th/20th November

Christmas Fayre – Sunday 5th December

Thursday 16th December Christmas parties

Spring Term

Thursday 27th January – Pampered Chef Pizza Party

Saturday 19th March – Quiz Night

Friday 8th April – Easter Egg Hunt

May – Scavenger Hunt

New ideas for discussion
Table top sale Treasure hunt in cars Auction of promises
Ready Steady Cook Boating/canoeing Greek night
Parents vs. Staff sports Car boot sale 50/50 auction

Hundred Club
Possible to promote and manage through the website. £1 per go for a prize or percentage of takings. Simon has checked our lotteries licence and this (and lucky bucket) is covered.

Piano Concert
Paul Lewis (Midsummer Music) has arranged a concert at the church in Latimer and all proceeds are to go to the school.  The date is set for October 6th and there are already very few tickets left.

Summer Fayre
The profit on the summer fayre was down on previous years at £1,353.94, though this was largely driven by a reduced attendance.  The gate took £426, up on last year from £381 but included over 90 tickets for Amey Zoo @ £1.50 each.

  • There was feedback about the stalls being too spread out but people did make it onto the field for the tug-o-war, the welly whanging and the scavenger hunt.
  • The bottle tombola was a huge success from the mufti day on 11th June.
  • Amey Zoo was well received but needed a better queueing system as most people arrived at the start and then backed up into the corridor.  Cost was £125 and takings were in profit.  Action:  Emma to research ferret shows.
  • The cafe was left with a lot of stock but the BBQ was busy and the takings on the bar matched the previous year, despite the reduced gate.  The cake stall had quite a lot of stock left at the end.
  • The bouncy castle cost £125 and made a slight loss at 50p per go.  The price should rise to £1 or could be handled by issuing wristbands for all-day use.  People running the attraction would then only need to change the children every three minutes during busy periods.
  • The sweet tombola was as popular as always and busy throughout.  The toy stall didn’t attract as much stock this time and Find-A-Friend remains popular with children, not so with parents!

Film Club
A roaring success, with a net profit of £250.  There were some teething problems with the handover of the children, the access to the main hall and the overall preparation time.  It has been agreed that all parties would like it to run once per term if possible.  Action:  Dulcie to research up coming films for October/November.  Action:  Sally to look into purchasing a popcorn machine.

Academic Calendar
To move to ParentADS via the website.  £30 fee per annum, or to be offered free as an incentive to suppliers.

Supermarket Voucher Scheme
There has been a promotional drive in Year 1, led by Jo Jennings and six new families are coming onboard, with a commitment to each attract another new sign-up.

A PTA information pack should be compiled in time for the September intake, along with an introductory page to be included in a new prospectus.


July ’10 – Nigel has agreed that the PTA may sell bottled water at Sports Day and icepops each Friday after school during the summer term.  Action:  Katie to source bottled water.

25/09/10 Ceilidh/Family BBQ – We held a very popular BBQ on this weekend last year, so we will try for a longer event with a bar and a band this year.  Action:  Nigel to ask Gary Giles about providing a band.  Action:  Dulcie to design tickets and a flyer for distribution in the first week of term.  Reserve date 2/10/10.

October 2010 Golf Day – To be promoted through the school but run by the golf club as a fundraiser for the school.  Action:  Jo Jennings to co-ordinate.

5/12/10 Christmas Fayre – Action:  ?? to check and if necessary source a replacement banner.  The summer banner should be priced and/or bought at the same time.

16/12/10 Christmas PartiesAction:  Katie to book Cheeky Maleeky, Action:  Dulcie to book Rainbow Bigbottom.  Both entertainers are required from 11-12.

28/01/11 Pizza PartyAction: Katie to organise.  Fundraiser during the PC stoneware sale period.  Suggested entrance is £2 to include first glass of wine for free.  Adults only event.

19/03/11 Quiz Night – Potential QMs are Dave Petersen and Martin (via Mel Parker).  Action:  Nigel to ask.

May 2011 Scavenger Hunt in CarsAction:  Dulcie to start the planning process.

Buy.atAction: Sally to promote. We have raised £7.37 so far in 2010.

New ideas to be carried forward

Bag2School.  Recycling of clothes and textiles.  Also ink cartridges and mobile phones.  Action:  Sally to investigate.  Also battery recycling.

Noticeboard for main school.  The Nursery noticeboard has been a great success and one by the wall for main school would be much appreciated.  Action:  Nigel to consider/cost.

Bulk purchase of theatre tickets for group trips?

Clubcard Vouchers.  Would Tesco consider allowing us to collect Clubcard vouchers and redeem them for prizes & fundraisers?  Action:  Heather to investigate.

Camping in the school field.  Not possible in the forseeable future due to the lease.

Sell photos from school trips.  Dulcie to investigate.

Tea towels.  Dulcie to investigate.

Gardening.  To see plants, bulbs and gardening items via flyers with percentage to the school (local company).  Action:  Heather to promote in September.

Green Issues. As the texting service has been such a success, the promotion of eco-friendly/electronic delivery systems will be progressed. Ideas like the PTA website will aid this. Parentmail is now operational.

Rotary Club Christmas Fundraiser. No response to date.

Song books.  There is scope to produce songbooks for resale. Our current licence allows for song books for keepsakes/home worship for 25% of the congregation per year although there are guidelines on pricing. We need to establish demand before we put the work into this project.

Recipe Books.  Action:  Jo Jennings to investigate and progress.

There is a possibility that the PTA shed will move in time to come. The current parking bay for the minibus looks like a suitable location.

The next meeting is the AGM on Monday 20th September in The Swan, at 8pm