Ley Hill Parent & Teacher Association Committee Meeting 20th April 2015

Present: Angela Gregory, Claire Avery, Sally Kendall, Claire Offlow, Claire Rooney, Sue Sergeant, Jenny Spiers, Kate Caisley, Lesley Tinine

Apologies:  Rebecca Wadcock



Topic Discussion Led by
Sausage Sizzle We are going to go with Godden’s sausages and Tesco rollsDate of next sizzle has been moved to 6th May Angela /Claire A/Rebecca
Family Quiz Quiz will take place on 9th May, deadline for ticket orders is 1st MayWe need more raffle prizes and help to set up

Angela will send out an email to class reps to ask for volunteers to help set up

Stall Ideas Outside Stalls

  • Ross & Andy – cowboy football
  • Petting zoo
  • Nail Bar – could also be a school stall but we would need products
  • Bucking bronco photos – Claire R to explore once we know if we are doing the bronco
  • Steptoiit Dance – Claire O to ask them to come along and do a dance


School Stalls

  • Lasso a prize
  • Bucking bronco with a Top Gear style tally board, bet how long Mr Hoff will stay on. We should try to get a sponsor
  • Welly wanging
  • BBQ
  • Name the US states – win an i-Pad
  • Money washing line with coins in red, white and blue envelopes
  • Water to wine
  • Gun slinging (shoot a duck if Nigel won’t allow gun slinging – Sue to check)
  • Trash or Treasure
  • Toy Stall (need to think of an angle)
  • Balloon Pop
  • Saloon – beer and moonshine (bottled beer and cold cans)
  • Candy floss, popcorn, milkshake and lollies
  • Emergency Services – Sue/Lesley to ask Ethan’s mom
  • Wood lice racing
  • Gold panning
  • Hampers


Further investigation

  • Archery – Sue to keep investigating


Ideas for other events

  • Junior bake off – event in Sept for new joiners?
  • Flower competition
  • Choir – Festival?


Angela will review both old and new stalls to assess viability and loop back


Claire R/Sue/Lesley/

Claire O/Angela

Fayre – Decorations Angela to ask Mr Hoff if the children could make decorations for the fayreLesley to ask Melanie if the children in after school club could help Angela/Lesley
Fayre – Save the Date Angela will send an email to co-ordinators to send a save the date email out Angela



  • Claire R to pull a feasibility study together, look at our insurance cover and pull together a list of roles/responsibilities and submit this to the rest of the committee by email for discussion
  • Angela and Claire to garner feedback from everyone regarding the feasibility of the festival and loop back with a majority decision
  • If the festival goes ahead we will need to establish a sub-committee
  • Lesley to ask Helena Ghosh if she would be happy to help
Lesley/Claire R/Angela
Charity registration Kate to investigate where we stand and what we need to do next Kate 
Newsletter Jenny to pull together a skeleton document Jenny
Cookery Book Claire A will come back with some design ideas Claire A
Botley Playing Fields Association Claire A to tell them they can run a stall at the fayre Claire A
Father’s Day Secret Room 17th and 19th June Angela
Open Evening 18th June Angela


Next Meeting –– 18th May, 7.30 School Music Room

Outstanding tasks from previous minutes:

  1. Survey questions
  2. Rebecca to confirm role around ‘hiring of assets’
  3. Did the email go out to class co-ordinators around helpers for the Classic Car BBQ?
  4. Sports day – Parentmail to go out asking for help with gazebos, Claire R to explore marquee options
  5. Welcome evening for parents in Sept – Claire R to submit a full recommendation, costs and tasks to the Chair for review/approval
  6. Wine tasting, Table top sale, sunflower competition, Beetledrive – full recommendation, costs and tasks to be submitted to Chair for review/approval