Ley Hill PTA Meeting 18th May 2015 – Minutes

Present: Angela Gregory, Claire Avery, Kate Caisley, Helena Ghosh, Nigel Hoff, Lucy Kaley, Sally Kendall, Sue Sergeant, Jenny Spiers, Lesley Tinine

Apologies:  Rebecca Wadcock, Claire Rooney



Topic Discussion Led by
New Joiners A big welcome to Helena Ghosh and Lucy Kaley
Father’s Day Secret Room
  • Angela will send out an email to all class co-ordinators to ask for help from their classes at the Father’s Day Secret Room
  • Angela will let the wrapping helpers know when the presents are ready to be wrapped
  • If you are out and about and see something that you think might be appropriate for any of our secret rooms buy 6 if the price is under £2.50
Open Evening
  • We need 12 helpers for the café. Angela will send an email to all class co-ordinators to ask for help
  • Sally will do the paperwork



PR for big events
  • Jenny will partner with Nigel to publicise any big events in Our Chesham
  • Can we all remember to take photos if Jenny isn’t able to attend a particular event
Summer Fayre
  • We decided not to go ahead with the bucking bronco for this fayre
  • Sue to let Ethan’s dad know where the fire engine should go
  • Signposts – Angela will let us know what she needs people to do
  • Sally to send the Jubilee Fayre risk assessment forms to Angela
  • Angela to tell Melanie what she would like the children at Ley Hill Owls to do
Summer Fayre stall allocation
  • PTA table – tea towels, cookery books, badge making & buy a US state to win an i-pad – 3 people needed
  • Uniform stall – Rae will run a stall selling uniform next to the PTA stall
  • Nursery – Cowboy Lasso & Trash or Treasure
  • Reception – Woodlice Racing & Pick a Feather
  • Year 1 – Money Washing Line/Toy Stall
  • Year 2 – Balloon Pop & Sweet Tombola
  • Year 3 – Entrance
  • Year 4 – Gunslinging & Panning for Gold
  • Year 6 – Children 1 per hour pony rides & petting farm collecting money) & Parents …craft stall painting money boxes
  • Food Alley – Various – Candyfloss, popcorn, milk shakes, ice lollies, tea, coffees, pancakes etc
Botley Park Claire A to ask them if they would like a stall e.g. tattoos/nails Claire A
Mufti Day Fri 26th June
Name Change & Rebranding We will change our name to “Friends of Ley Hill School” and rebrand ourselves from September. Claire A to take the lead on a new logo and fonts Claire A
New Parents Welcome Pack We will put a page in the new joiners pack asking for contact details and also details on what people do Claire A
Charity Status Kate will collate her notes and circulate them Kate
EGM Angela will call an EGM (date TBC) and tell us who needs to attend Angela
Welcome Evening
  • Lucy, Helena, Angela and Claire A to take the lead on the welcome pack and the welcome evening
  • Claire A to prepare an invite to go into the new parents welcome pack
Lucy/Helena/Angela & Claire A
Hampers Hampers will be red, white or blue
PTA contact list Angela to send the list to Claire A to update Angela/Claire A
Minutes Lesley to put the next date in the email when sending the minutes out Lesley


Next Meeting –– 15th June, 7.30 School Music Room

Outstanding tasks from previous minutes:

  1. Survey questions – Helena to potentially take on as she is the expert!
  2. Rebecca to confirm role around ‘hiring of assets’
  3. Did the email go out to class co-ordinators around helpers for the Classic Car BBQ?
  4. Sports day – Parentmail to go out asking for help with gazebos, Claire R to explore marquee options
  5. Welcome evening for parents in Sept – Claire R to submit a full recommendation, costs and tasks to the Chair for review/approval
  6. Wine tasting, Table top sale, sunflower competition, Beetledrive – full recommendation, costs and tasks to be submitted to Chair for review/approval
  7. Ideas for other events – Junior bake off – event in Sept for new joiners, Choir – Festival?