Mid Morning Mums Golf at Ley Hill

James Short is running another of the short courses to introduce Mums to the joys of golf.  50% of the £35 fee goes back to your child’s school and that doesn’t have to be Ley Hill.  The next start date is Tuesday 3rd May at 9:15.

Ley Hill have already benefited to the tune of £70, so why not give James Short a ring on 07773 367079, or email him at info@jamesgolfpro.co.uk.

One of our March Mums had this to say:

As a lady of limited leisure time I wasn’t sure whether or not to take on the golfing lessons that were being offered by James Short.  Having dithered over the decision I eventually decided that I ought to give it a go, as it was raising money for Ley Hill School.

WHAT A GOOD DECISION!  It’s been loads of fun, really interesting (did you know that you have one dominant eye and there are all sorts of fun games to find out more about this) and as a complete non golfer I feel that I’m making  good progress (but please don’t check that out with James!)  It’s also given me a good reason to work on my core muscles (although there’s no sign of my pot belly reducing yet!)

Most of all, I feel that I’m doing something for me and I’m really enjoying it. There will now be a group of us who by the end of our course will be able to go out for some leisurely rounds of golf together.

If like me you are unsure about golf – GIVE IT A GO! It’s a bargain price and tremendous fun.

 Sue Dyer ( Yr2 and Yr4 mum)