Minutes – 10th June 2013

Ley Hill Parent & Teacher Association Committee Meeting 10th June 2013

Present: Violetta Carrasco, Angela Gregory, Angela Harding, Sally Kendall, Claire Offlow, Kerry Nelson, Sophie Newman, Claire Rooney, Lesley Tinine

Apologies: Caryn McCall



Topic Discussion Action
Disco We are not going to be doing a disco this year  
Murder Mystery There were very few school families so we probably won’t do another one  
Open Evening Prices:

  • Children’s meal deal – £2
  • Ploughman’s meal including beer/wine – £5
  • Ploughman’s meal without wine/beer – £3
  • Individual bottles of beer – £2.50 for bitter, £2 for lager
  • Glass of wine – £2.50
  • Crisps – 50p
  • Cans – £1

We will close the kitchen at 7pm

Claire O will send out a Parentmail for help

Claire O


Library Claire O to update us at the next meeting  
Summer Fayre
  • Sally to speak to Penny about the using the cub tent for the beer tent
  • Red Squirrel might need a generator – Sophie will ask Alby, Angela G to ask Ian and James, Kerry to ask Bounce Craze if we can share their generator or hire one from them
  • Sophie will get some plastic pint glasses
  • We will charge £3 for a pint £2 for a half
  • Claire R will ask Red Squirrel if they need a float and to see how it will work for us to sell wine, can they sell it for us or do we need to do it ourselves?
  • All help gratefully received for setting up

Sophie, Kerry,  Angela G

Claire R

Stalls Some changes were made to the stall allocation:

  • Year 3 – Hook a duck
  • Candy floss has gone as the machine is not working
  • Y2 – Tin Can Alley

Claire O to send Claire R stalls and prices

Claire O
Hampers Will be discussed at a later meeting  
BBQ Claire R to check numbers of burgers and prices for Classics on the Common last year Claire R
Microphone Nigel needs a cheque for the microphone but he needs to send us an invoice for it first Nigel
Flyers Sally will let us know which roads we need to cover Sally


Next Meeting – Wednesday 10th July, School Music Room, 7.30 pm