Minutes – Mar 14

Ley Hill Parent & Teacher Association Committee 10th March 2014

Present: Angela Gregory, Rosie Mann, Sally Kendall, Claire Offlow, Sophie Newman, Cheryl Armistead, Heather Smith, Sarah Webb, Sue Sergeant



Topic Discussion Action
Review of Accounts The accounts hold enough money to cover our current commitments, when it had been thought that we would need the revenue from the upcoming events to complete.Bounty is still to be paid to Reception and Year 5 for the hamper ticket sales.Clarification of some lines has been requested:

  • General expenses
  • Fun run
  • Photos
  • Misc sales
Quiz night Angela G has all the preparation done but there are still some tables available.  Mandy can arrange to have heating on on the night on request. All to push tickets, AG to arrange heating.
CD Bell Plants It was decided not to run the autumn/winter promo again, but to keep the spring/summer one for the time being.
Egg Hunt Wednesday 2nd April.  Fliers are going out via Parentmail this week.  Cheryl and Louise to run the event.  Martha Newman is bunny this year and Hannah Kendall has asked to do it next year.
Mother’s Day Secret Room Fliers have gone out via Parentmail, Claire and Sophie to lead.  We need a request for helpers to setup and assist between 2:30 and 4pm.  Heather and Angela to run a separate session for the Nursery children who aren’t in school in the afternoons.  CO & SN
Hire of Candy Floss Machine Enquiries are being made about hire of the candy floss machine.  Sally to get PLI info from ClaireR and write up detailed instruction sheet and prices for hirers.  SK
iPod draw The donated iPod and Dr Dre headphones were to be raffled between half term and the Spring Fayre, but due to workload this is to be postponed to Spring Fayre-End of Term.  ** Post Meeting Update – draw to be held at the Summer Party on 5th July  SK
School Discos The School Council have asked that the discos be reinstated.  Heather see if we can pull a team together and run one in the summer term.  HS
Spring Fayre Please see the separate planner for full details.  Heather to design a flier requesting donations of books, games, toys, bagged sweets, DVDs and CDs.  Please no videos. Mufti Day for Bottle Tombola donations is Friday 9th May.  HS


Ongoing Projects
Recycling A recycling week has been suggested for people to bring cables, phones, etc.  To be discussed in detail at another meeting.  Next Bag2School is Tuesday 6th May.
Auction of Promises Claire Rooney to do some research, date to aim for is Feb  2015 (Valentines Auction) Claire R
Cauli Cards Claire R and Louise to look at more cost-effective providers Claire R & Louise
Summer Party Theme Old school and a raffle – 5th July Sophie & Claire O
Next big project Outdoor, all weather sports court – Nigel to price up before the next meeting Nigel
Expense forms Please fill in the new expense form if you want any money or have any expenses to file. It’s available on the PTA website at Sally & Claire R
Waitrose Tokens It’s worth putting a form in to try to raise money for the climbing frame



Next Meeting – Tuesday 4th February, School Music Room, 7.30 pm