Minutes – Dec 13

Ley Hill Parent & Teacher Association Committee 16th December 2013

Present: Angela Gregory, Nigel Hoff, Sally Kendall, Claire Offlow, Sophie Newman, Claire Rooney, Heather Smith, Lesley Tinine



Topic Discussion Action
Xmas Fayre The total money raised from the Xmas fayre was excellent, especially if we compare ourselves to some of the larger local secondary schools – final figure TBC
Waitrose Tokens It’s worth putting a form in to try to raise money for the climbing frame
Auction of Promises Claire Rooney to do some research, date to aim for is Feb  2015 (Valentines Auction) Claire R
Sausage Sizzle Although the sausages we have now are v tasty could we get them cheaper?  Claire R to investigate Claire R to speak to Angela
Cauli Cards Claire R and Louise to look at more cost-effective providers Claire RLouise
Summer Party Theme Old school and a raffle – 5th July Sophie & Claire O
Toy Stall The class who does this stall to take the toys home and price them up before the day so we can maximise funds raised
Children helpers at school fayres Nigel to speak to School Council Nigel
Climbing Frame PTA funds are sufficient for us to buy the climbing frame in conjunction with the school
Next big project Outdoor, all weather sports court – Nigel to price up before the next meeting Nigel
Expense forms Please fill in the new expense form if you want any money or have any expenses to file. Sally and Claire R will put the form on the PTA website Sally & Claire R
Quiz night Angela G to take charge – date is normally around St Patrick’s Day Angela
Table Top Sale Open up to the community, PTA will run it – 15th February 2014, Claire R to do a poster Claire R
Nominations Sally Kendall was voted in as Vice Chairman and is happy to support the new Chairperson when Claire O steps down at the end of the academic year


Next Meeting – Tuesday 4th February, School Music Room, 7.30 pm