Minutes – Sept13

Ley Hill Parent & Teacher Association Committee AGM 18th September 2013

Present: Angela Gregory, Angela Harding, Sally Kendall, Rosie Mann, Claire Offlow, Kerry Nelson, Bobbie Roberts, Claire Rooney, Heather Smith, Lesley Tinine

Apologies: Daniela Bollato-Collins, Sophie Newman



Topic Discussion Action
Positions Claire Offlow – Chair for this year

Clare Rooney – Treasurer

Finances £9,951 raised last year even though we lost Pasta Pronto and super market vouchers scheme.

£800 to teacher’s wish list.

£491.64 still being held for reading scheme.

Funds for Library refurbishment still be held by PTA meeting 15th Oct to discuss




Mrs Davis

CO/ SN/Mr Hoff & Mrs Cartledge

PTA funds It was decided that KS2 play equipment will be the focus for fundraising for 2013/2014. Both the PTA and Mr Hoff to come up with ideas for PTA funds to be spent on. The surplus from last years’ funds will go towards the play equipment. PTA/Mr Hoff
CD Bell Angela & Kerry will take this on again Angela H & Kerry
Bulb Competition Heather to research Heather
Cauliflower Cards Louise to run; we could also do a prize for the best card from KS1 and KS2 (1 prize for each). We could use the winning designs for the school Christmas card Louise
Bag2School 8th Nov, Heather to speak to Nigel re: doing the recycling ourselves. Invite people to drop off everyone Monday leading up to 8th Nov Heather
Mufti Day 22nd Nov – bottles for the Christmas Fayre  
Hamper Draw up basic guidelines for class reps as to how to shop for and put the hampers together  
Stall allocations for the Christmas Fayre To be discussed at the next meeting`  
Balloons Claire R to look into sourcing balloons we can decorate Claire R
Xmas Cards/Tags Claire R to look at what she has got and feedback to the group Claire R
Book Fayre Claire O to email the class co-ordinators to ask for volunteers to man the book stall ideally from 2-4, 2 people needed Claire O


Next Meeting – Thurs 24th Oct, School Music Room, 7.30 pm