Village Produce Show Featuring LHS Sunflowers!

It’s not long now until the end of term and after that will be September and the chance to display all the amazing sunflowers that are shooting for the sky around Ley Hill.

The Produce Show is on Saturday 10th September and is held at the Memorial Hall in the heart of the village.  For anyone who would like to have a go at some of the other classes, have a browse through the schedule and see if you can turn your hand to baking, growing, rhyming or snapping a winning entry.

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Congrats to Reception and Year 5!!

Well done to all our classes, but especially to Reception and Year 5 for an impressive festive sales push!

Each will receive a £50 bounty for the teacher to spend as they like on items to enrich, enliven, brighten or otherwise benefit the class.

Don’t forget, you can still hand in your tickets on the day to be entered into the draw.  All proceeds go to boosting the school’s facilities.