Photo Products – All New for 2011

Aside from the usual selection of glossy prints – brought to us this year by local firm Orbit Press – we are also offering a range of gift items for parents, grandparents and memory boxes alike.  Maybe your own fridge would look better adorned with princesses, knights and shepherds?

We have a selection of keyrings, from a dainty narrow 57x22mm, suitable for a single standing pose, to a robust 76x51mm, which would add to the challenge for anyone prone to losing their keys!  All four sizes are double sided and will have a Ley Hill School, Christmas 2011 insert on the reverse, each one cropped and edited to perfectly fill the various shapes and sizes.  All the keyrings are priced at £2 each.

We also have fridge magnets in two sizes.  A jumbo 70x45mm and a smaller 57mm square.  Like the keyrings, the fridge magnets are priced at £2 each.

At the top of the range we have a bottle opener keyring (single sided) and two coasters in 90mm square or round format.  They are all priced at £2.50 each.

Don’t forget we have a ‘buy 3, get the 4th one free‘ promotion, so a set of four coasters will only cost you just £7.50.  Also, for every £10 you spend, you will receive a free enlargement voucher, to be redeemed during January.  And don’t worry about working it all out and missing your freebies, we do give change!!

Samples will be available to view before each of the production performances.

Every penny of the proceeds from the production photos goes directly to the school.

The grotto photos tend to break even, but it would be really lovely to give our photographer her petrol money back this time, so please shop generously!