Summer Fayre BBQ

Food (Summer Fayre quantities)

  • 150 burgers & buns
  • 2/3rds of your burger orders will be for cheese burgers, so get 100 slices (one catering pack is 114)
  • 100 sausages and finger rolls
  • 3 x 460gr ketchup – don’t stint, go for Heinz!
  • 2 x Hotdog mustard – either French’s (Tesco) or Colmans’
  • At least one bottle of BBQ sauce
  • Something spicy is often appreciated too
  • 5kg of onions
  • Cauldron sausages from the chiller cabinet in Waitrose for vegetarians
  • Sainsbury’s meat free burgers

Things to have on hand

  • Temperature probe and sterilising wipes.  Food being cooked from raw needs to reach a core temp of 68 degrees before serving.  There’s no requirement to probe every item.
  • Napkins – 10×200 from Booker, Chefs Larder 33cm white are currently the best value
  • No need for plates – better to serve in the good quality napkins like the above.
  • Washing up bowl
  • Handwash
  • Washing up liquid
  • A water reservoir – eg. camping barrel
  • Blue plasters
  • Blue vinyl gloves (not latex)
  • Several cutting boards
  • Bread knife
  • Sharp knife for slicing onions
  • A large roasting tin for frying onions
  • Oil and pusher
  • 3-4 sets of bbq tools.  You need one each for raw and cooked, plus one for vegetarian options.  You also need servers.
  • Gazebos – keep your staff out of direct sun or they will catch fire get sunburn.
  • Lots of tables.  Stock and equipment must be kept off the ground and tables also help to cordon off the cooking area from nuisance curious children.
  • Ignition for the bbq!

Handy tips

  • Cut up the sausage links and bag in 10s before the event
  • When the oval Booker burgers go round and match the size of the buns, they’re cooked!
  • Keep turning, turning, turning all the time
  • If the sausages are splitting they’re cooking too hot
  • Don’t be tempted to turn the heat up to speed the process, you’ll just char the outsides and leave food raw in the middle.  Good food is worth waiting for.

Golden Rules

  • Wipe down all tables with antibac spray and paper towels before starting.  If they look dirty, wash with warm soapy water first, then sterilise.  Amend that.  The tables are now stored outside in the bike shed – THEY WILL NEED A THOROUGH WASH AND STERILISE!
  • Keep raw food separate from cooked/ambient.
  • When loading the bbq, don’t allow raw food to rub up against the items you are about to serve.  Ideally, have an extra person loading raw meat and start it at the opposite end to the cooked.
  • Keep chilled food chilled until needed.  The sausages will need to be stored in a fridge running between 3 and 5 degrees until immediately before the event.
  • Don’t reheat anything!  It’s too much hassle to ensure you hit the right temps, so just bin it
  • Don’t store anything at ground level, especially when working outdoors
  • Don’t break seals on bottles until they’re needed.  Once opened they can’t be kept for the next event and will need to be disposed of.
  • Don’t mix tools between raw and cooked food or meat and vegetarian.
  • Don’t give away leftover food at the end of the event.  If helpers volunteer to remove leftovers and dispose of them, that’s fine but you don’t give away food!  Once taken away you no longer have control and if it’s left in a warm place and consumed two hours later  it will be “your stall that gave them food poisoning”.
  • If it hits the floor it’s dead!  Throw it away or wash/sterilise depending what it is.
  • Gloves are not compulsory, but any open cuts/sores must be covered (use the blue plasters and blue gloves – they show up when they disintegrate into a burger as you’re serving it).
  • Disposable gloves are often easier than stopping to wash your hands constantly.  You must still have running water (doesn’t need to be heated) and hand wash available on the stall at all times.


  • Gerry Martin in Chesham for sausages.  Order in advance and quote the event for his charity rates.  For a Sunday event you can drive onto the paved area to collect from the door shortly before 4pm on the Saturday.
  • Finger rolls, Amersham Tesco.  The in store bakery has closed but the new people still honour the price of £1.50 for 24.
  • Burgers and buns (both frozen), Booker in Watford.  PTAs get free membership.  The Texan burgers and floured baps are a popular combo.  Also napkins, blue paper rolls and cheese slices.
  • Onions from the market in Chesham – typically £5 for 10kg.  Booker can match this but with smaller onions, which makes more work.

Pricing (No variation between meat and veggie options)

  • £2.00 for a burger
  • £2.25 for a cheeseburger
  • £1.50 for a sausage in a bun

Don’t take the burgers out of the freezer until you’re just about ready to start the next box.  If they stay frozen they can be kept for the next event (Classics on the Common).  The bread doesn’t present much of a loss, so you’re better off letting people take that away (ambient product, no danger of poisoning them in any reasonable timeframe).  You can give away any open sauce bottles on the same basis.