School Disco – Information Sheet

First session – 4:30 setup

The Disco Champion will make sure you get the first aid kit, squashes, sweetie tub, float and the printed sheets before 5pm.  That may just mean that he/she ensures that you know where to find them!

 Rota Team Per Disco

  • 2 attendants on door duty
  • 1 attendant on toilet duty
  • 2 attendants in hall

 At least one of the above will be shown as a named first aider on the rota.

 6 weeks before – appoint ‘Disco Champion’.  They will need to:

  • 6 weeks before:  Liaise with sound team
  • 6 weeks before:  Liaise with dance team
  • 3 weeks before:  Get rota published on website
  • 3 weeks before:  Email / text for special requests, help and advertising the event
  • 1 week before:  Ensure Mandy has a PP3 battery on hand for the radio mike
  • 1 week before:  Check if rota is full for each disco session. Chase for last people
  • 1 week before:  Contact Rachel Redlich for a float
  • Weekly throughout:  Make sure someone can check the PTA box for request slips and that they are passed to the sound team.  Ensure the website requests are being passed on.
  • On the day:  Ensure that the float, school first aid kit, printed sheets (details above), PP3 battery for radio mike, squashes and sweets are available at 4:30 for setup.

 Other Information

  • Cost per child £2.50.
  • Ensure all children (or parent) sign in on attached form.
  • No payment to be made in advance – all payments to be made on the door.
  • Each child may take a sweet as a leaving gift at the end of the disco.
  • Don’t allow any food or sweets in the dining hall.
  • Ensure the departure of children is supervised to ensure each is collected by a parent/carer.  Often easier to bring children to the door and ask parent to collect from door, than to allow parents to come in and collect.