September 2010 AGM Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Annual General Meeting

20th September 2010


Present : Emma Summers, Sally Kendall, Simon Redlich, Heather Smith, Jo Jennings, Amanda Byer

Apologies : Claire Offlow, Violetta Carrasco, Natalie Lohneis

 1.  Chair’s Report

Very pleased to see the number of new faces and the new initiatives which are being suggested.  The past year has seen the Family BBQ and a rush of activity from a new group, bringing ideas like the Christmas Cocktails and the Recipe Book.

 2.  Treasurer’s Report

 Total raised this year was £8,045, up slightly on the previous year.  The annual accounts have been audited and a summary is  available on request.

 The PTA paid out just under £6,000 on improvements/projects for the school last year, including the new white board for the IT suite, the literacy scheme and the teachers’ wish list.

This leaves total funds available in the PTA accounts of £16,158 with the invoice for the raised beds still outstanding.

 3.  Headmaster’s Report


 4.  Secretary’s Report

 I am also very pleased to see new faces joining the ranks.  The website has been completely revamped and can now be edited by anyone with a login.  There are currently three of us with access.  The plans in the pipeline include classified ads and business advertising, both revenue earning.

We will also be rolling out the Utility Warehouse Community Fundraiser this year, with the potential for substantial revenue.

5.  Election of New Committee

The following re-elections were accepted :

    Proposed Seconded
Chair : Emma Summers (KH) Heather Smith Simon Redlich
Vice-Chair :      
Treasurer : Simon Redlich Emma Summers Amanda Byer
Secretary :      

The role of Secretary will be shared by Sally Kendall, Heather Smith and Jo Jennings.

Ordinary Committee Members :      Heather Smith, Jo Jennings, Amanda Byer, Sally Kendall

Signatories:      Simon Redlich, Emma Summers, Sally Kendall

–KH = Key Holder. It was agreed that the keys could be passed to other committee members if the current KH are unable to attend events.

The next AGM will be held in September 2011