September 2011 AGM Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Annual General Meeting

12th September 2011

Present : Claire Offlow, Sophie Newman, Emma Summers, Simon Redlich, Heather Smith, Nigel Hoff, Louise Turner, Amanda Craig

Apologies : Sally Kendall, Dulcie McLerie

1. Chair’s Report

A big thanks to all the committee team for their hard work and successful fund raising. I am sorry to be stepping down but after 7 years on the committee, with 3 as chair, it is time for a rest! I will miss working with you all but know that you will continue to raise the much needed funds for our school. Good luck to you all.

2. Treasurer’s Report

The PTA raised a little over £10,000, up nearly 25% on the previous year; addition attributed to Pasta Pronto, Cocktail Evening and Denim & Diamonds party. Expenditure this year of £9,000 included the £7,000 contribution towards the deficit.

This leaves total funds available in the PTA accounts of £17,000 before this year’s contribution to the deficit.  Funds have been allocated for a new reading scheme.

The annual accounts will be audited shortly and a summary is  available on request.

3. Headmaster’s Report

The last academic year saw the parents of our school lend their support in the most incredible ways. All those involved in the events which the PTA organise and run so well have worked tirelessly and with great humour towards raising around £10,000. This is amazing achievement and I salute you all.

Stand out moments of the year for me include a great family BBQ in September which my parents attended (thankfully they obeyed my warning not to tell stories about my teenage years), running the bar at the superb Denim and Diamonds ball, enjoying a relaxed and competitive quiz night and not having to make sandwiches on Thursday night anymore thanks to Pasta Pronto.

The second payment of £7,000 towards the deficit has been paid now. This has been an essential part of our recovery plan. Without this money the school would have had to make further drastic cuts.

Two projects in development now are firstly the reading scheme which we have now sourced. This should be up and running by half term with a phased purchase of around £1000 of new, superb quality reading books. Secondly, the hall refurbishment is due to be completed by Christmas.

The school is set in such a great place at present despite the woes of the budget. We have a positive and honest relationship and long may this continue. Together we have not shied from harsh reality. We have pulled together and met the challenges head on with vigour and great creativity.

Emma Summers has stepped down from the chair of the PTA and everyone who has worked with Emma over the years know that her professional and superbly organised approach has ensured the success of many events. Thank you Emma for all your hard work.

The chair is now in the safe hands of Claire Offlow and I look forward to her period of stewardship.

4. Secretary’s Report

To follow.

5. Election of New Committee

The following elections and re-elections were accepted :

Proposed Seconded
Chair : Claire Offlow Emma Summers Sophie Newman
Vice-Chair : Sophie Newman Claire Offlow Simon Redlich
Treasurer : Simon Redlich Emma Summers Sophie Newman
Secretary :

Until the position is filled, the role of Secretary will be shared by Sally Kendall & Heather Smith.

Ordinary Committee Members : Heather Smith, Amanda Craig, Sally Kendall. Louise Turner

Signatories: Simon Redlich, Emma Summers, Sally Kendall

–KH = Key Holder. It was agreed that the keys could be passed to other committee members if the current KH are unable to attend events.

The next AGM will be held in September 2012