September 2011 Minutes

Ley Hill Parent and Teacher Association

Committee Meeting

12th September 2011

Present: Emma Summers, Sophie Newman, Nigel Hoff, Heather Smith, Claire Offlow, Simon Redlich, Amanda Craig, Helen Ellis-Jones

Apologies: Sally Kendall, Dulcie McLerie

Key Fund Raising Dates

The following dates were agreed or reconfirmed for the key events for 2011:

Autumn Term

Funmats – Louise has managed to get an extension on the closing date and all children have had the form; extras are available from the office.  Coaster sample will be sent home with order form.

Christmas Cards – Louise will co-ordinate the Christmas cards as these are popular for family & friends.

Sunday 2nd October – Cross Country Challenge

Friday 21st October – Halloween Bottle Mufti and Enormous Crocodile

November Film Club – Possibly “Rio”

Sunday 20th November – Christmas Fayre

Thursday 15th December – Christmas parties

Spring Term

Mid-March – Quiz Night

April – Disco to be discussed

Other ideas for discussion
Table top sale/car boot Firework display Auction of promises
Ready Steady Cook Boating/canoeing Greek night
Parents vs. Staff sports Masked ball Christmas tree sales

Pasta Pronto – Running well with good uptake.  Termly payment is now being offered to make the admin simpler.

Proposed spending Action:  Simon to liaise with Gail.

  • £7,000 school deficit contribution.
  • £4,000 to reading scheme and library. Two company reps are coming into school on 13.09.11 to discuss reading schemes. The current books have been sorted, moved and any spare books will be sent to link school in Bosnia or given to charity.
  • £800 teachers wish list.
  • Kitchens – Still looking into changes to the children’s kitchen, it was also suggested that some small changes be made to the staff kitchen, if all in agreement so that it can be of more use for functions.
  • Nursery Climbing frame. The PTA brought a climbing frame for nursery a while back but the ladder has rusted and the frame has been decommissioned. Dulcie will ask Mrs Hillson to get costings for a new ladder.
  • Pavilion – Mrs Birkett has mentioned the pavilion for the school field, need costing for this, it also needs to have access to power.

Hall curtains – Hall due to be decorated in October 2011, curtains to be fitted then.

Scavenger Hunt – Didn’t go well, only three forms sold, not enough advertising, sort of thrown together last minute, Dulcie doesn’t feel the museum got behind it.  Some of the hearts were in the shop rather than in the window.

Ink Catridge Recycling – Sue Dyer’s school has a good supplier and will get the name for us.

Mobile Phone RecyclingAction: Dulcie to coordinate.

Waitrose – It was suggested that LHS have a collection box in Waitrose, Nigel to investigate.


Every Tuesday during September and October – Library Book Donations – Good quality books, reading and reference for school library.  Any surplus will be held for the book stall at the Christmas Fayre.

27/09/11 PTA Coffee Morning after drop off.

02/10/11 Cross Country Challenge – Cross country meet has been arranged; LHS PTA to run refreshments to raise money from the technology room.  To date only four entries, closing date 25th September.  Action:  Helen Ellis-Jones to feedback requirements to PTA committee.

05/10/11 Sausage Sizzle – Angela Harding leading.

21/10/11 Halloween Mufti & Enormous Crocodile on the last Friday of this half term.  Bottle contributions will be requested and these will go towards the bottle stall at the Christmas fayre.

??/11/11 November Film Club – Dulcie will see what film she can get, as these events are profitable it would be a shame to miss one this term.

20/11/11 Christmas Fayre

23/11/11 Sausage Sizzle – Angela Harding leading.

03/12/11 Cocktail Evening – Band has been booked.

15/12/11 Christmas Parties – Action:  ?? to book entertainers.  Action: Dulcie to source the gifts for the parties, budget £1.50 – £2 per child.

New ideas to be carried forward

Contact list. Action: Heather to update the list of Class Co-ordinators when all places have been decided.  The teachers have asked for a copy for the staff room/office.

Noticeboard for main school. The Nursery noticeboard has been a great success and one by the wall for main school would be much appreciated. Action: Nigel to consider/cost.

Bulk purchase of theatre tickets for group trips? Action: Claire M-F to investigate further options.

Christmas tree sales. Action: Heather to investigate.

The school has been invited to participate in the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it has been agreed that we shift our summer fayre efforts for that year. The organisers anticipate 2-3,000 visitors and are laying on free buses from Amersham, Chesham and Bovingdon. The date is set for Monday 4th June.

The next meeting and AGM is on Monday 10th October in The Crown, at 7:30pm (PM update)