Sports Day Barbecue Is Off

We tried, but it was not to be.  Let’s hope for better weather in 2013!  All cheques will be destroyed as promised.

You’ll shortly get a flyer coming home in book bags, rucksacs, scrunched up Pac-a-Mac pockets and other delightful places (it gets worse when they go to secondary school!), inviting you to place your orders for the Sports Day Family Barbecue.  We’ll be selling soft drinks and chocolate bars during the event, before a select group slope off to light the bbq and toast some welcome patties for an after hours social.

If you fancy joining the elite meat (and veggie option) searing team, we’d love to hear from you!  LHS scored a huge hit at the Jubilee celebrations on the Common and we’d love to build on our success.  You can drop us a line at if you’d like to help on the bbq, selling cold drinks, dishing out tickets, or maybe just giving a hand to clear away afterwards.  Every little bit counts and we’re grateful for any assistance.

PS.  If you’re available to help during the holidays, book a date for Sunday 12th August.  2012 sees the 5th year of the Ley Hill Classics on the Common event.  Increasingly popular, in 2011 we attracted around 150 classic cars.  The PTA ran the bbq last year and raised about £350 for the school.  If you can handle taking orders, handling cash, cooking OR dishing out food (no combinations of the above required), then just email us at and we’d love to have you onside.