Supermarket Voucher Scheme FAQs

Ley Hill School PTA – Supermarket Voucher Scheme

Raise money for the school while you shop.

Without it costing you a penny!

It may sound too good to be true, but since 2004 the PTA has been raising money for the school through the supermarket voucher scheme.

If you shop regularly at Sainsbury’s or John Lewis/Waitrose/Ocado then by joining the scheme you could raise much needed funds for the school – without any cost to you.

In a nutshell members of the scheme subscribe for a regular monthly amount of vouchers which can be spent in the above shops. Participants pay the PTA by standing order and the PTA buys and distributes the vouchers. By buying in bulk the PTA obtains a discount on the total cost. So for every £1 you order you receive £1 of vouchers to spend and the funds for the school benefit by the discount.

The scheme currently raises about £1,000 pa but the potential is much greater so please do consider joining in.

Sainsbury’s or John Lewis? (Or both)

You can buy vouchers for either one of the above or some of each. Brief details of each are as follows.

Sainsbury’s John Lewis/Waitrose/Ocado
  • You receive a plastic ‘gift card’ (credit card size).
  • The amount you order is credited automatically to this card each month.
  • Use the card to buy goods in Sainsbury’s stores, petrol stations and coffee shops.
  •  You receive your chosen amount in paper vouchers each month.
  • Vouchers are collected from the school office.
  • The vouchers can be used in any John Lewis or Waitrose store, online at and Ocado or over the ‘phone with John Lewis Direct.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum amount I have to purchase?   No, there is no minimum or maximum.

How do I purchase vouchers?   Once you’ve decided how much to order each month you pay that amount to the PA monthly by Standing Order.  Payment is made at the beginning of each month. 

Can I change my order?   Yes if you need to, provided you change your standing order and notify the PA by the 20th of the month before the month you want the change to take effect.

Can I make a one-off purchase of vouchers?   Yes. If for example you are planning a large purchase you can order vouchers for a single month and pay the PA by bank transfer or cheque. Again you must let the PA know by the 20th of the month before the month you want the vouchers.

How do I get my vouchers?   After the standing order is paid you will be notified by email that the vouchers are ready for collection from the school office. Alternatively a note can be put in your child’s book bag. (With the Sainsbury’s cards there are no vouchers to collect but you will be notified that your card has been credited.)

Can I get change from the vouchers?  With the Sainsbury’s card the exact amount you spend is deducted from the card. The balance remains as a credit on the card. John Lewis/Waitrose generally do give change.

Can I use the Sainsbury’s vouchers online?  Not at present although we are led to believe that this facility will be available with the plastic gift cards in the future.

Does the scheme run all year?   The scheme starts in September each year and runs every month except August. People can also join the scheme at any time during the year. The scheme ends automatically after the July vouchers have been distributed. A new form has to be completed for the following academic year.

If I have more questions who do I contact?   Simon Redlich (PTA treasurer) at or on 07785 321 107.

What do I need to do to join?

  1. Decide what regular monthly amount of vouchers you would like to order for either Sainsbury’s and/or John Lewis.
  2.  Complete the attached PA scheme form and return it to Simon Redlich (PTA Treasurer) via the red PTA post box in the school foyer, or the black PTA box in Nursery. 
  3. Complete the attached standing order form and send it to your bank.

You can download a copy of this document by following this link….

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